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Florida House Bill HB-0159

Author johnbsims3
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#1 | Posted: 24 Nov 2006 18:34 
Florida House Bill hb0159

143 186C 10 4 HCR 159

House Concurrent Resolution

A concurrent resolution to urge the Federal
Government to control the National Debt.

WHEREAS, our Pilgrim Fathers chose to secede from the Church of England and flee to the American wilderness early in the spring of 1620 during the week of Passover, to attain freedom in a new land and to escape the coercion and compulsory welfare of a state religion that was set up by British politicians to hide the tyranny of a feudal government, and

WHEREAS, more than half of our Pilgrim forebearers died during that first harsh winter after their exodus to this new land, after sharing equally with each other their meager food supplies without any federal food subsidies, and

WHEREAS, despite such awesome tests of faith during that first winter after our Pilgrim Fathers seceded from the British Empire, every Pilgrim survivor elected to remain on the sacred new soil where their kindred dead were buried and valiantly refused to return to the British Empire when the Mayflower departed from Plymouth on April 6, 1621, and

WHEREAS, ten years later, our Puritan and Protestant Fathers chose to secede from the mighty British Empire and separate themselves from the orthodox religion early in the spring of 1630 during the week of Passover and boarded the Arbella and 16 other ships, led by their pastor, John
Winthrop, and

WHEREAS, our Pilgrim, Puritan, and Patriot Fathers did only that which they saw their ancient Fathers do when they seceded from the wicked world order to establish the Kingdom of God within their own families, and

WHEREAS, our Fathers voted to declare their economic independence from Great Britain in Philadelphia on April 6, 1776, and to send forth emissaries to deal directly with foreign nations, after which they set forth their reasons for separation and listed their grievances against the mother country, and

WHEREAS, our Fathers held certain truths to be self evident, among which are "Governments are instituted among men, deriving their powers from the consent of the governed," and "that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness," and

WHEREAS, following their formal Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776, our Fathers formed a 13 nation confederation under a contract, or charter, they called the Articles of Confederation, wherein they agreed to be bound in perpetual union and, if any amendments or changes in these Articles were to be made, such must be by unanimous consent of all 13 nations, and

WHEREAS, the Articles of Confederation, with experience, were discovered to be weak and ineffective in providing peace, happiness, and domestic tranquility; therefore, our Fathers determined to meet in Philadelphia in May 1787 for the specific purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation, and

WHEREAS, after some 4 months, on September 17, 1787, they signed, not a revision or amendments to the Articles of Confederation, but a totally new proposal of confederation, a compact, contract, treaty or alliance between nations, which they called a Constitution for the United States of America, and on September 28, Congress sent a copy of said Constitution to each of the 13 free, independent, and sovereign nations which were allied under the Articles of Confederation, including Rhode Island, which had refused to send delegates to Philadelphia, and

WHEREAS, this proposal to unite under this Constitution, like the Declaration of Independence of 1776, was a document of secession, wherein, upon the adoption of the proposed Constitution by a mere nine of the 13 nations, states, or little republics, the nine were declared to be joined in a new Union (Article VII), these nine, in effect, declaring their secession or separation from the remaining four. This in spite of the existing and continuing compact between the 13 that all were joined in Union perpetually, and unanimous consent must be obtained to change or amend their agreement, and most certainly would unanimous consent be required to abandon the Articles of Confederation, or dissolve the existing Union which was established under them, if nations were held to the same standard of law under contracts or treaties as individuals, which they are not, and

WHEREAS, only nine of 13 nations, less than three fourths, formed a new government under the Constitution, abandoning four who could choose to also join or remain outside as sovereign and independent nations, these nine eventually becoming 50, delegated to their new agent which they called a Federal Government, certain very limited and specific powers, retaining all other powers to themselves, or to their people. These states gave their new agent the responsibility and authority to unite them against foreign invaders, act as an arbiter among themselves when differences arose, and regulate commerce between themselves and foreign nations, and

WHEREAS, these states as principals, creating an artificial corporate structure to act as their agent, formally reserved to themselves the right to freely leave, or abandon, their new creation, just as they had abandoned the old Union under the Articles of Confederation, and

WHEREAS, Virginia, the tenth nation to join the new confederation on June 25, 1788, said in her official ratification: "...in the name and in behalf of the people of Virginia, declare and make known, that the powers granted under the Constitution, being derived from the people of the United States, may be resumed by them whensoever the same shall be perverted to their injury or oppression...," and

WHEREAS, New York, the eleventh nation to join on July 25, 1788, said, "That the powers of Government may be reassumed by the people, whensoever it shall become necessary to their happiness...," and

WHEREAS, Rhode Island, the thirteenth nation to join, after remaining outside as an independent nation for almost 2 years and finally joining May 29, 1790, declared, "That the powers of government may be resumed by the people whensoever it shall become necessary to their happiness," and

WHEREAS, these formal declarations were superfluous and unnecessary to the states as sovereign principals; nevertheless, our Fathers understood well the tendency for governments to usurp undelegated powers, and they wished it clearly understood that if or when their mutual agent should somehow get out from under their control, they could simply walk away, or abandon their creation to die a natural death, or to survive as the remaining agent of those sister states who wished to remain in the confederation, and

WHEREAS, our Fathers embarrassed themselves by saying four times in the Articles of Confederation that they were a confederation in "perpetuity," and a short time afterward abandoning that Union to die quietly, they said nothing of perpetuity in the new Constitution, for they had realized that such indiscretion and folly was a contradiction of their own declaration of July 4, 1776, and in establishing this new "experiment in government," they knew it was possible the experiment might not work and, again, they might choose to let their federal agent die a natural death, and

WHEREAS, under Article V of the Constitution, our Fathers agreed that three fourths of the states could amend the Constitution, and that, in fact, three fourths of the states could abolish the Constitution and thereby automatically call an end to the alliance of states, thus ending the life of all three branches of the Federal Government the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial. All agencies functioning under the Constitution would cease to exist, including the Internal Revenue Service, the Central Intelligence Agency, OSHA, MSHA, FDA, TVA, FBI, SS, SSI, foreign aid, the Federal Reserve System, a private corporate agent of an agent of an agent, and along with it approximately 75 percent of the national debt, or over $3 trillion, along with numerous other federal agencies, and about 3.1 million federal employees, and

WHEREAS, in recent decades the federal agent has attempted, and largely succeeded, in reversing roles with its Principal, the states, telling them what they can and cannot do, and threatening to withhold "federal monies" from states which do not comply with federal laws and regulations, and usurping undelegated powers from the states and the people, until now the people fear, rather than respect and revere, their own government and are burdened with taxes some 67 times greater than those placed on our Fathers by Great Britain, and

WHEREAS, our agent, some three decades ago, took prayer out of the public schools and refused to further allow our children to be taught about God, values, morality, or religion in the schools, which has caused our law enforcement agencies to be overwhelmed with crime, our jails and prisons filled to overflowing, our unmarried children to become sexually active and pregnant by the millions, venereal disease and AIDS to flourish, and murder and rape to be rampant to where many dare not walk our streets after dark. Child abuse, sodomy, and pornography are commonplace. Greed and litigiousness have taken over, and we scramble, lobby, and fight each other to "get our share" of "federal" dollars, which is nothing more than our own money and credit coming back to us with numerous strings attached, and

WHEREAS, it is now plain to everybody that the agent created by our Fathers on June 21, 1788, when New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution, has grown into an uncontrollable monster which, if we do not get control of it, or destroy it, will destroy its own creators through bankrupting them, merging them into a one world government wherein the United Nations Charter will replace the Constitution, or we will die by our own hand through moral corruption, crime, and anarchy, and

WHEREAS, should two thirds of the several states call a Convention for proposing the abolishment of the Federal Government, under Article V of the Constitution, it is highly unlikely that Congress would comply with said Article and faithfully call such a Convention of States, for should such a proposal be sent out to the states and three fourths of them ratify the proposal to abolish Congress, the Executive, and Federal Judiciary, and dissolve the Union, 535 congressmen, nine supreme court justices, and one president would be out of jobs and would automatically lose all of their lucrative pensions, perks, emoluments, and grandeur of high public office, and

WHEREAS, our Fathers said it was right for the People to change or abolish governments when it was for their happiness, or when government becomes the tyrant rather than the protector, and every July 4, we honor our Fathers as heroes and patriots for their secession from Great Britain in 1776 and nine states for abolishing the Articles of Confederation and, thereby, dismantling and destroying an existing Union of States as nine states seceded from four, giving us our present Constitution which we hold high as the Supreme Law of our land, and

WHEREAS, three fourths of the states have the power to abolish the Federal Government under authority of Article V, and

WHEREAS, the Federal Government is no longer a servant, but has outlived its usefulness and become the master, and an agent tyrant, trampling not only the rights of individual citizens, but the rights of the very states themselves and usurping the rightful and reserved powers of the states, and

WHEREAS, should such be the desire of 38 states, said states have the right and power inherently, without regard to Article V, and without consulting or relying on Congress to call a Convention of States, when requested to make such a call by two thirds or 34 states; three fourths of the states can, as Principals, without consulting their agent, do as they please, including abolishing the federal agent by dissolving the Charter which established said agent. It would be absurd to hold that one's agent could stop the Principal from doing whatever the Principal feels is right, especially when the agent is a mere artificial corporate creation of less than three fourths of the principals, and

WHEREAS, if this Union were truly a democracy as the politicians and media almost universally contend that it is, but which it is not because it is a republic, in theory, being governed by law, not by citizen majority; but if a democracy, a mere majority of 26 states, rather than 38, would have the power to dissolve the Union and eliminate the entire Federal Government, and

WHEREAS, relying on the precedents of our Fathers whom we love and honor as patriots brave and God fearing men, as wise in the ways of government as any men who ever lived, we find it appropriate to plan and take this course of action,


Be It Resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Florida, the Senate Concurring:

That when, or if, Congress allows the national debt to reach $6 trillion, or if Congress by way of treaty, resolution, or otherwise, or the President of the United States by way of Executive Order or in any other fashion, attempt to abolish or in any way make the Constitution of the United States ineffective, or void, the State of Florida, when joined by 37 of her sister states, being three fourths of the states of the Union, hereby declares the United States Government to be in violation of its constitutional authority, and the Federal Confederacy and Union are hereby dissolved and without further power to act on behalf of the states, with each of the 50 states of this Union resuming the same sovereignty, independence, and freedom, and assuming that same condition in which the 13 original States of America placed themselves from July 4, 1776, through June 21, 1788, when nine of these 13 formed the Union currently in place.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that immediately upon dissolution of the Union, representatives of the 38 states, along with representatives of the other 12 states, should they choose, shall meet in a designated location agreed upon by the 38 states for the purpose of dividing and selling the assets currently controlled by the government of the United States. All such assets shall be sold or otherwise equitably distributed and the proceeds divided between the 50 States according to the population of citizens of each state as of the last census prior to dissolution.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the military forces of the United States shall, at all times, remain in place until treaty arrangements are negotiated between all states wishing to participate in mutual alliance for our common protection from potential aggression, foreign or domestic. All present military commanders and field personnel shall remain in place and be paid according to the negotiations worked out among the participating states.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Constitution, insofar as it is applicable to the states, shall continue to be the Supreme Law of the individual states, and all individual rights and liberties guaranteed therein, and within the Bill of Rights, shall be maintained in each of the 50 nations, until each nation, by a vote of a majority of its own citizens, shall change or amend it.

NOW LET IT BE NOTED, that the constitutional union of these 50 States, under the original plan of our Founding Fathers enabled us to become the most powerful, prosperous, wealthy, and free people on the earth, in spite of the interference, intimidation, violations, and usurpations of the federal agent and its apparent deliberate attempts to muzzle, hamper, slow down, and destroy much of the private industry of these states, causing such to leave our borders and establish in foreign lands; however, union with an obedient agent in the beginning proved to be most desirable, and

IT IS THEREFORE the desire of the State of Florida, as soon as practical after dissolving the Federal Government, that one or more new confederations be formed under a Constitution substantially similar to that which presently binds us together;

EXCEPT THAT, during the last 204 years, we know from sad experience that it is in the nature of almost all men as soon as they receive a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion by exceeding their authority as agents to act for their principals, and

THEREFORE, it may need to be that some changes are in order to better control the tendency of human rulers to usurp undelegated authority and powers.

BE IT FURTHER NOTED, that it is the desire of the Florida Legislature that this Ultimatum Resolution be debated and considered in every Legislature of our 49 sister states, and, if ratified as a joint resolution of another state Legislature, an executed original shall be delivered to the Attorney General of the State of Florida, who is commanded to hold, as agent, each and every Ultimatum Resolution submitted to him, and

IF AT LEAST 38 states so submit these resolutions, and should any of the above listed conditions take place, he is authorized and commanded to immediately serve copies of all 38 Ultimatum Resolutions on the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial bodies of the United States Government, and the United States Government in all of its various branches shall be declared to be dissolved, and each of the 50 states shall be restored to the same sovereign, independent, and free status enjoyed by them before they created their federal agent, and each state shall become a new and separate nation of the former United States of America.

Politics and Issues Florida Homestead Services - Florida Homestead Exemption Act Forum / Politics and Issues /
Florida House Bill HB-0159
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