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# Posted: 26 Dec 2006 20:47 - Edited by: johnbsims3

How to Protect Your Home, Property and Income from Liens, Lawsuits and Claims

Upon request, we can email you a portion of our most recently published book. 99% of all Florida homes are not protected under the Florida homestead laws. Unfortunately, most existing homes and residences does not possess protections afforded under the Florida 'Homestead' law, as you may have assumed!

The service we provide at Florida Homestead Services regarding protection of homestead provides equity and asset protection of your home and property against liens, judgments and foreclosure, not the so-called 'tax break'. Protection of homestead is filed and recorded separately than for the homestead exemption and makes present or future liens void and unenforceable, allowing the property to be sold or contracted against for things such as equity loans. Protection of homestead is by individual choice and by an individual's own initiative, not by the duties of the property appraiser's office in the county in which an individual resides. The homestead claim can be made before or after any lien, judgment or levy. Any entity such as code enforcement, any third party or any creditor can easily attach a lien, judgment or levy against your residential property for almost any reason, without any notice to you! The homestead protection we provide makes any lien or judgment void and unenforceable. Here is where we can greatly assist you by providing the following homestead property protection services:

Provide all of the required forms ready to file to protect any home and income
Notarization and verification of all required forms and documentation
Filing and recording of all required documentation into the public record
Notice to any and all existing lien holders of pending sale or contracts
Letters to any existing creditors to remove any lien or judgment within 45 days
All information is placed on a personalized CD-ROM with all vital information of your homestead property for safe keeping and archival purposes in case of a disaster

We also provide our valuable services to mortgage brokers, realtors, mortgage companies, title companies, as well as the individual homeowner. Please, do yourself and your family a favor and protect your most valuable asset, your home and 'castle', from all types of present or future liability. Consider it the cheapest form of insurance against liens, judgments and foreclosure. Do it today! We are here to help you.

Best Regards,

John Sims - President
Florida Homestead Services, LLC

Miami Fort Lauderdale West Palm Beach Tampa St. Petersburg Sarasota Ocala Gainesville Jacksonville

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