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Author johnbsims3
Admin Male

#1 | Posted: 11 Jun 2007 14:10 

Finally after a 4 year battle we are beginning to see a consensus growing

around property tax relief. While we do not have details much of the proposal

provides meaningful and responsible tax relief. This week in Tallahassee

we will iron out details and work hard to ensure that taxes will remain


The plan has two parts:

1. A rollback on millage rates - this is legislation which can be passed

in our special session. It will result in reduced tax bills for all property

owners in the state. This reduction should be reflected in this year's tax

bill. Additionally, and equally important, the growth in future tax revenues

will be restricted.

2. Constitutional change. The Legislature will vote on a change in the

Constitution, which will substitute a progressive property tax system

for the current protection of Save Our Homes. It is projected that about

70% of individuals will pay lower taxes under this system. The remaining

people can elect to retain Save Our Homes.

This proposal has to receive support from 60% of legislators in the

special session. To get it on the ballot in January 2008, it needs approval

of 75% of the members of each house of the legislature. Then it will need

approval of 60% of the electorate. The change in tax bills will be reflected

two years from now.

Unfortunately, neither portability nor elimination of the "best and highest"

use for appraisals will be included. Without portability 30% of homesteaded

property owners will face a significant tax increase if they choose to sell

their property and purchase a home of equal or higher value. This further

devastates the dreams of many Floridians who wish to move.

Since it is a progressive tax scheme, it will be the higher end home owner

who will elect not to move - costing real estate agents important commission


We will continue to fight for portability and invite your continued input and your thoughts on the proposals.

Carl J. Domino

Author johnbsims3
Admin Male

#2 | Posted: 4 Sep 2007 15:03 

As you can see, from the article printed below, there are still critics

who continue to oppose SOH portability. Strangely enough the

representatives of the Florida Association of Realtors, emphasized

their opposition to SOH, using the usual, unsubstantiated argument

that there is a tax cost shift. As you may recall two sessions ago,

FAR supported a form of portability.

I was encouraged to see that Allan Bense, Chairman of the FAR

Committee, opined that it would be difficult to convince voters to give

up their SOH protection.

Attorney Donna Adams, is moving ahead with organizing the portability

drive and we will keep you updated on that effort.

Rep. Carl J. Domino

District 83

Property tax 'portability' gets frosty reception from tax panel


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- A proposal to let homeowners take at least part of their existing tax breaks with them when they move received a frosty reception Thursday from part of a commission studying Florida's tax structure.

Several members of the Taxation and Budget Reform Commission's property tax work group said the "portability" proposal would exacerbate inequities caused by the Florida Constitution's Save Our Homes Amendment, which voters adopted in 1992.

"As I look 20 years out into the future and I see this portability that you're talking about, I see a disaster that's going to make Save Our Homes seem like a walk in the park," said Commissioner Nancy Riley, also president of the Florida Association of Realtors.

The amendment caps assessment increases on primary homes, known as homesteads, at 3 percent annually, but that has shifted tax burden to other taxpayers including new home buyers and owners of commercial and rental properties and second homes.

Riley and other critics, including former Florida Senate President John McKay and former Florida Department of Revenue Director Randy Miller, say that disparity has dampened Florida's economy by making it more expensive to buy and own non-homestead property.

The amendment also has caused many homeowners to feel trapped because they would lose their Save Our Homes benefit and face potentially huge tax increases simply by moving to a new home.

Lee County Property Appraiser Ken Wilkinson, who led the citizens initiative that passed Save Our Homes, now is offering the portability proposal. Wilkinson, also a member of the commission, was undismayed by the criticism.

"I'm excited," Wilkinson said. "The hardest part is getting to the table and our issue is at the table. I don't feel discouraged."

He said he's willing to make changes to win the commission's approval. The proposal limits the transferred benefits to $400,000 of a new home's value if it's more expensive or half of its value for a cheaper new home.

There was consensus, though, that the commission won't be able to get rid of Save Our Homes, just try to make it more equitable through recommendations to the Legislature and by proposing constitutional amendments.

The commission can put amendments on the November 2008 ballot, but then they would need 60 percent approval from voters.

"I just don't know how you ever get the votes to unwind Save Our Homes," said Commission Chairman Allan Bense, a former Florida House speaker. He said the commission needs to "figure out some way to work around that big monster."

The Florida Legislature, meanwhile, has offered voters its own amendment designed to phase out Save Our Homes. It will be on the Jan. 29 presidential primary ballot.

The proposal would give existing homeowners the choice of keeping their Save Our Homes benefits or trading them for a "super exemption:" 75 percent off the first $200,000 of a home's value and 15 percent off the next $300,000.

It has no portability provision, so as property trades hands the Save Our Homes benefits eventually will disappear.

Although they differ on portability, Riley and Wilkinson agree on Legislature's amendment. Both support it.

Wilkinson doesn't like the super exemption, though, saying people who take that option eventually will pay higher taxes although they may save in the short run. But he favors other provisions designed to cut taxes on affordable housing, working waterfronts and business personal property such as equipment and machinery.

"I believe when you deal with the government you get what you can when you can (and) you come back for more," Wilkinson said.

He's already prepared a petition drive in case the commission rejects his portability proposal.

Author johnbsims3
Admin Male

#3 | Posted: 5 Oct 2007 13:09 

A lot is happening on the SOH portability front. As you are undoubtedly aware, a judge ruled that the wording on the proposed Constitutional Amendment does not clarify that Save Our Homes will be abolished!

As a consequence, several tracks are being explored. There has been an appeal filed to overturn this ruling.

This is happening against a backdrop of decreasing support (as reflected in published polls) for the measure. Earlier this week Gov. Crist called for property taxes to be re-considered later this month. He left the door open for consideration of issues beyond the proposed Constitutional Amendment.

In Tallahassee today, Minority Leader Gerber, was reported as not supporting the repeal of Save Our Homes and indicated portability should be included in any package.

I would like to remind you that Gov. Crist campaigned statewide on unlimited portability. Also, in a recent appearance before the Forum Club in West Palm Beach, Speaker Rubio indicated his support for portability.

In the past few years, every committee which has addressed portability has voted for its passage. This is a measure which will not only provide fairness but also would be the catalyst to revive the Florida real estate market.

Again, I ask for your support to keep this momentum going and request you contact the Governor, Senate President Ken Pruitt and Speaker Marco Rubio urging them to include portability in any property tax reform proposal.

Carl J. Domino
District 83

Author johnbsims3
Admin Male

#4 | Posted: 9 Oct 2007 12:16 

I would like to thank all the supporters of the portability SOH legislation, for their unflinching support. I know that many of you have written to the Governor asking for his support and lobbied your district legislators urging them to include portability in any new property tax legislation. This was very helpful in shaping the recent debate and placing portability as a centerpiece of a workable solution to the states looming property tax concerns.

Please find below a copy of a letter which I recently wrote to Speaker Marco Rubio with attachments to Gov. Charlie Crist and the President of the Senate, Ken Pruitt.

Florida House of Representatives

Representative Carl J. Domino

District 83

Juno Beach Professional Bldg.
405 House Office Bldg.,
13700 U.S. Highway One,
Suite 202C
402 South Monroe Street
Juno Beach, FL 33408 Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300

Tel: ( 850) 488-0322

Fax: (561) 625-5178

October 5, 2007

The Hon. Speaker Marco Rubio

420 The Capitol

402 South Monroe Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300

Dear Speaker Rubio:

Recently, it has been widely reported in the press, that there exists a possibility of a late October Special Session being called to address property taxes.

If this session deals solely with removing the current descriptive language for a 29th January 2008 vote on the proposed constitutional amendment, and replacing it with a clear explanation that Save Our Homes will be eliminated; you may count on my support for the change.

However, I am hopeful that we will also be able to address portability, which I have long advocated, and which I feel will meet with voter approval and will have a good chance of passing on January 29th.

In addition, this relief will spur our economy and provide a much needed boost to our stagnant real estate market which is partly to blame for the loss of revenues and the deficit in the budget.

During the recent Special Session, in addition to portability I introduced a "modified incomes method" of appraisal proposal, which would protect commercial and rental property owners from appraisal increases above the rental increases which the market allows. This addresses the "best and highest" use issue in a non-beaurocratic way. Also, I have other ideas which I have not yet presented.

In the past, you have supported portability and recently during your Forum Club appearance re-iterated your support for this concept. Governor Crist, as well as most members of the House, used portability as a campaign promise during the 2006 November elections. Voters in Broward County passed overwhelmingly a non-binding resolution supporting portability. With such widespread support it is no wonder that the vast number of the populace views government with such cynicism as they see a widely popular idea not even being given the chance of an "up or down" vote.

I am willing to offer my services and my extensive knowledge on this subject to find a meaningful, innovative and workable solution which will bring relief to all Floridians without seriously impacting the budget and our economy.

Best regards,

Carl J. Domino

CJD:ies Carl J. Domino

Cc: Gov. Charlie Crist

President of the Senate Ken Pruitt

Author johnbsims3
Admin Male

#5 | Posted: 3 Nov 2007 09:20 
Save Our Homes (SOH) Portability Update!

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support. We have come
a long way, since four years ago, when I first filed the portability legislation. Last Monday
all of our hard work paid off and both the House and Senate overwhelmingly supported
and voted for portability. Even some legislators who voted against the overall tax package
were quoted as saying that they did so because it did not provide enough relief.

Locally, Senator Jeff Atwater and Senator Ken Pruitt as well as Democrat Senators Bullard,
Deutch and Aronberg supported portability. In the House, Democrat Representatives
Brandenburg, Vana, Sachs, Skidmore and Machek joined with Republicans Reps. Domino,
Snyder, Hasner and Bogdanoff in voting for portability.

Immediately after the vote, Gov. Crist held a press conference during which he pointed out the
importance of portability and generously mentioned my name as the "Father of Portability."

However, our job is not yet complete. Already some opponents are complaining that it will take
away revenues and devastate local government. But they fail to acknowledge that without portability
potential real estate transfers fail to occur because the high tax burdon will produce only imaginary revenues .
Moreover, by bolstering real estate sales, additional Doc Stamps and Sales Tax revenues will be realized.
Also opponents claim that portability is unconstitutional. However, even though I am not an attorney, I
find that often when a measure cannot be defeated on it's merits then they use the "unconstitutional" claim.

I would like to remind everyone that when we first embraced portability Gov. Crist was our Attorney
Genera . FSU law professor Nat Stern concluded that portability was constitutional.

On January 29th, we will need to get 60% of the voters to agree that portability should be in the
Constitution. Gov. Crist will lead the charge and most legislators will join in. Personally, I feel confident
that we have a strong case and the voters will support this Constitutional Amendment. Let those who
object to tax relief continue to make their case that government is too small. .

Once again, I would like to congratulate all of the supporters for making this happen. But the job is
not yet complete and we cannot relax until we win approval on January 29th.

Carl J. Domino
District 83

Author johnbsims3
Admin Male

#6 | Posted: 28 Dec 2007 10:57 

In one month and a day from today, citizens of Florida will have the opportunity to vote for

a tax reform plan which includes portability. The vote gives Floridians an opportunity to keep

money in their pockets rather than allow government to make buying decisions on their behalf.

For the amendment to pass, it must have 60% approval. Up to now signs are very encouraging.

Governor Crist has raised several million dollars and is campaigning aggressively. The Florida

Association of Realtors, the Florida Chamber of Commerce and many other influential groups

are emphasizing the economic impact of revitalizing the housing market.

I have given many speeches urging support and encouraging people to make sure they vote for

the property tax reform. Not surprisingly opponents have resorted to the usual scare tactics

stating that vital local services will suffer. Without going into detail, my constituents say they

have not noticed a decline in services subsequent to statutory relief legislated earlier this year.

In addition those who oppose this legislation, fail to understand that increased economic activity

creates greater revenue flow for the government.

Some confusion exists as to whether the 3% cap will be retained if this amendment passes. The

answer is yes, the 3% cap will stay and I will continue to fight and protect the citizens' initiative

which resulted in Save Our Homes.

Another argument of those who oppose this legislation is that it does not go far enough. We

cannot allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good. If this amendment passes it could be the

precursor of a more realistic tax system. If it fails, big government advocates will gain enthusiasm

and argue that the citizens voted for a higher level of government spending.

It has taken a long time to get this far. Early polling indicates 55% for the amendment, and 20%

against and 25% undecided. If the undecided split then we will be over the needed 60%. The

key is to urge all the supporters to vote. We can see the finish line, let us not let up now.

Please contact my office if you have any questions. Tel. (561) 625-5176

Rep. Carl J. Domino

Author johnbsims3
Admin Male

#7 | Posted: 25 Jan 2008 09:08 
Portability Calculator


Author johnbsims3
Admin Male

#8 | Posted: 25 Jan 2008 09:09 

With just a few days until Election Day, we continue to criss-cross the state encouraging voters to vote Yes on 1 to lower their property taxes and put money back into their pocketbooks. Keep your 3% Save our Homes cap and make it portable so you can take it with you when you move. This plan brings real cuts to real people. If we don't pass meaningful tax cuts with this measure- we may never get another chance. Florida's families have suffered long enough and I urge voters to cut their taxes by voting Yes on Amendment 1.

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