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Rate cut won't be pretty!

Author johnbsims3
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#1 | Posted: 27 Sep 2007 05:29 | Edited by: johnbsims3 
It's sad watching the dollar die. Especially as a person who doesn't trust our lawyer led government. Americans who scrimped and saved and planned for retirement, and didn't or don't diversify out of US dollar$, are gonna get slaughtered. And they have no idea. It's just so easy to trick 'em, ain't it?

Bernanke's panicked rate cut is purposefully destroying the dollar to try to save the banks. This will not be pretty.

The stock market may go up, nominal home prices (not inflation adjusted) may drop less than they would have, but the smart people will know the dirty little secret: Inflation is raging, an economic collapse is underway, and the buying power of the dollar is being purposefully and expertly destroyed.

Just read BusinessWeek: "Does the Fed Care Only for the Street?"

Bernanke's belief that the central bank should slash rates at the start of a bear market is untested, inflationary, and bad for the buck.

Aside from the dollar and long-term bonds, markets rose last week as the Federal Reserve demonstrated that it is more fearful of a slowing economy and banking woes than inflation. In fact, it is willing to sacrifice the dollar to save the banks. Just last month, the Fed was saying that the threat of inflation is just as great as the threat of a slowdown in the economy. Now it is cutting rates in a huge way as the Dow nears its all-time high, gold is making new highs, and the price of oil is exploding. All under false senses of security and prosperity.

The Fed is obviously terrified. It means that he is gravely concerned about the state of real estate and banking in the U.S. Reminder...the Fed is not a government agency. It is a private group of world bankers who control all of us, thanks to Mr. Roosevelt.

If the credit markets don't revitalize in the next few weeks, you can expect to see the Fed lower rates again by another 50 points at their October Federal Open Market Committee meeting no matter where the dollar, gold, or the Dow are. They have signaled that they don't give a damn about the dollar. All they care about is Wall Street...and their own prosperity.

In the News Florida Homestead Services - Florida Homestead Exemption Act Forum / In the News /
Rate cut won't be pretty!
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