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AGENTS: Building Blocks for Success

Author johnbsims3
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#1 | Posted: 21 Oct 2006 10:54 | Edited by: johnbsims3 
SUBJECT: Building Blocks for Success

To: All Officers, Agents and Licensees of Florida Homestead Services, LLC
From: John Sims

Our Company has always prided itself on having the best and highly trained professionals representing us and our clients. As such, we only allow agents and representatives who are honest, have integrity and who are fair to engage our clients.

Effective immediately, we now have a set of basic building blocks to ensure success at all levels. Most of them are common sense rules of any trade.

As such, outstanding customer service should be our top priority with every potential customer or client, every day. Follow-up, communication, execution and validation should always be part of the formula for success.

1) Great People
We should only bring on-board great people.
The President will make the final decision on all agents and representatives.
Bring on the best, compensate them accordingly, but hold them accountable for taking care of the client.
Management, agents and representatives must set by example.
Utilize the talent of each agent, representative that fits their skills.
Make sure agents, representatives and clients understand the full benefits of our services.
Share the growth opportunity with others and recruit agents under you.
Recognize top performers.
Ensure completion and execution of any plans or new developments.

2) Exceptional Customer Service
Take care of the customer first.
Speak to and acknowledge every customer and potential client No exceptions.
Talk to the customer about the services we offer.
Be neat and well groomed when meeting with agents, reps and customers.
You are empowered to take care of the client.
Handle complaints timely.
Communicate exceptional customer service expectations at all sales/staff meetings
Recognize and encourage exceptional customer service performance.
Always have an action plan for improvement.
Don't make promises you can't keep.
Explain the issues and the requirements.

3) Inspirational Leadership
Lead with an enthusiastic style.
Motivate all agents and representatives through recognition.
Coach and mentor each other.
Set the tone for professionalism.

4) Obsession for Sales
Execute core programs, regulations and rules.
Meet client's reasonable demands.
Explain the services we provide and why in a comprehensive and detailed manner.
Reinforce accountability to achieve sales and margins.
Manage opportunities.
Execute required contracts and documents with all agents, reps, clients and customers.

5) Marketing standards
Adhere to the rules of marketing in the regulations summary.
Always verify from the Quick Reference Advertising Checklist.
Be tactful and tasteful. Don't bash.
Always leave room for ideas.
Always use common sense in executing marketing standards.
Participate in news & groups.
Read all e-mails and communications to be fully informed.
Focus on new ideas.
Take ownership and responsibility for marketing.
Review reports; margin, sales, statistics, audits, leads, survey & improvement.
Control expenses.

6) Company Standards
All agents and representatives will focus on customer/client service. Our goal is to take care of the customer.
Recruit friendly people.
Maintain and support open, honest communication and fairness.
Adhere to the regulations to avoid claims.
Be professional in all interactions with everyone you come into contact with.
Be fair, honest and consistent

We recognize this is a completely new and unique strategic process and idea, so we invite your inquiries, and hope you will keep us apprised of how this standard operates in the field as you encounter issues.

We promote these ideas in order to instill customer trust and satisfaction.

My personal motto is simple:

Strive for perfection in everything
Take the best that exists and make it better
If it doesn't exist, create it
Accept nothing nearly right or good enough
Stay ahead of the curve
Make it look easy.

Follow these 6 simple principles and your life and success will be tremendous.


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AGENTS: Building Blocks for Success
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